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The incorporation of Darussalam Pilotage Services Sdn Bhd ("DPS") was initiated following to the corporatisation of Ports Departments, where the pilotage and towage services were subcontracted to private players previously.

2018: Corporatisation

The rights for the following exclusive providers within Muara Pilot District in 2018 were as follows:

  • Pilotage services was to be offered to DPS; and
  • Towage services was to be offered to Muara Port Company Sdn Bhd.

However, MPC's tariff proposal for towage services was declined by MTIC and MPC decided to withdraw from pursuing the towage license.

As a result, DPS was officially incorporated on 21 August 2018 as DA subsidiary to be the exclusive provider of pilotage services, and subsequently also to be the exclusive provider of towage services.

2019: PLA

DPS officially commence the exclusive Pilot License Agreement (PLA) for the following services as follows:

i) Pilotage Services at Muara Pilotage District at annual license fee of $1,000 for duration of 10 years on 1st December 2019.

ii) Towage Services at Muara Pilotage District at annual license fee of $1,000 for a suitable duration in accordance with DPS' business plan.

  • February 2020 at Western and Eastern Channel
  • April 2020 at Single Point Mooring (SPM)
2020: Sale to RBTS
  • 27 November 2019 - DA proposed for RBTS to acquire DPS on the basis that RBTS can administer the company while leveraging its capability to create synergy with DPS, in particularly on contract management and asset management.
  • 1st April 2020 - RBTS officially acquired DPS and a Management Service Agreement (MSA) was put in place for RBTS to help manage DPS.
2022: MSA
  • Due to restructuring at RBTS, DA acquire back DPS on 1st April 2022
  • 1st April 2022 - Management Services Agreement (MSA) was put in place between DA and DPS for a period of two (2) years.