Digital Transformation Embraced by DPS with the Launch of MarineM

On the 27th of October 2022, the innovative MarineM application was introduced by DPS Sdn Bhd. This significant launch signifies a concerted effort in aligning with the Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications (MTIC) aspiration to normalize the use of digital technology, in line with the country's vision of becoming a smart nation. 

MarineM, a product of Innovez One Pte Ltd, a leading maritime software solutions provider dedicated to optimizing maritime resources and driving digital transformation, revolutionizes the maritime industry by offering easy access to essential services. Online requests for pilotage and towage services can now be effortlessly made by vessel operators from any device, whether it be a smartphone or web browser. 

In addition to its innovation, MarineM seamlessly integrates with the Marine Traffic system, delivering real-time vessel location updates every two minutes, thereby enhancing navigation precision and safety. 

The utilization of artificial intelligence by MarineM optimizes resource allocation, ensuring the efficient deployment of pilots, pilot boats, and tugboats. This smart approach maximizes service efficiency and resource utilization, setting the stage for a smarter, more sustainable maritime industry. 

Furthermore, MarineM streamlines financial processes by swiftly generating invoices upon job completion, simplifying financial operations, and enhancing time efficiency. 

The General Manager of DPS, Captain (Rtd) Zil Husam Abdul Rahman, mentioned that this system replaces traditional paper processes with an end-to-end digital workflow, aligning with the Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications' vision to normalize digital technology in Brunei. 

The launch event was graced by Dato Seri Paduka Khairuddin Abdul Hamid, Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy (Economy), and Chairman of DPS.  

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